Upcoming State Fairs

It's that time of year! Time for fairs, fireworks, food, agriculture, and seeing all the things that make your state a great place to call home. Find a fair or festival coming up soon. We'll see you at the fair!

Event Information:

  • Fri

    Indiana State Fair

    Indianapolis, IN

    Visit the Indiana State Fair 

    From the website

    "Welcome to the Indiana State Fair!

    We live in a Wonderful World of Food. We grow it. We sell it. We cook it. We eat it. And at the 2017 Fair, we will have FUN celebrating it! Join us in telling the story of how Indiana is helping feed the world.

    The Indiana State Fair returns to honor Youth, Agriculture and Education in an entertaining and fun environment. Join us to make more memories August 4-20, 2017!"

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