The Secret to Every Single Grilled Cheese?

The Secret to Every Single Grilled Cheese? It’s time. 

We know, it’s grilled cheese, it’s sort of fast food, but the best way to get the gorgeous toasted and melty browned version you want is a waiting game. If you’ve ever tried to eat around the black parts, if you try and try but still find a certain issue with excess carbon, this post is for you. We’ve been there too, and everyone should have a great grilled cheese sandwich once in a while.


Butter or olive oil. No margarine please, because it’s not food. 


Something with a little heft and sliced thin. It doesn’t need to be gourmet, but something that holds up to toasting. No, um . . . ’70s bread. Does it need to be named?
Brush a very light amount of oil or butter on both sides of both slices.


Flavorful versus a lot. Lots of cheese makes a mess. Flavorful cheese makes a delicious sandwich. Use about 2-3 ounces per sandwich.


Cook over medium/low. You read that correctly. Medium/low allows the bread to toast in the pan. It will only take an extra two minutes and you won’t finish with a shiny black object and a screaming fire alarm. Once side 1 starts to brown, flip over and cover. Covering creates an oven, circulating steam heat that melts the interior cheese.   After side 2 starts to brown (faster than side one) you may want to flip again. 

Grilled cheese goodness:

Irish Cheddar + Tomato + Ham + Grainy Mustard
Cheddar + Fried egg + Mayonnaise 
Caramelized onions + Pears + Taleggio
Broccoli  + Provolone 
Roasted mushrooms + Gouda
Mozzarella + Basil + Balsamic Vinegar drizzeled on inside of bread 


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