A Look Back at Michelle Obama’s White House Kitchen Garden

(Image credit: Angela N., Flickr)

This month, as Michelle Obama is highlighted in Biography magazine, we couldn’t help but reminisce about the White House Kitchen Garden started by the former first lady in 2009. Despite requests from “conventional” agricultural interests, to represent practices including modern, chemical pest and weed management, the south lawn garden remained an organic source of food for the White House kitchen, local schools and organizations through the Obama White House years.

Find pictures of the White House Garden through the years on Instagram. They are still inspiring.

Image Credit: National Park Service

The early, simple garden plan below had been updated many times, as gardens tend to be over seasons. The garden grew to include not only vegetables, but fruit, and a productive beehive.

in 2017, Melania Trump stated the garden would stay in place and any surplus will be donated to a charity organization.

A dedication in October of 2016 set a marker stone in the garden that reads, “WHITE HOUSE KITCHEN GARDEN, established in 2009 by First Lady Michelle Obama with the hope of growing a healthier nation for our children.” At this time it was determined the upkeep of the garden will be managed by the National Parks Department, as well as from a $2.5 million donation by the Burpee foundation.

Over many administrations, there were gardens, additions, and even a roof garden added during the Clinton administration.  However none were so celebrated for the size and dedication to include community. The Michelle Obama White House Kitchen Garden was a lively attraction during the Obama years for local chefs, and for school children who learned about growing, tending and eating vegetables. Such visits in the future are unknown, but the garden will remain in place.

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