CSA's give you the ability to partner with farmers for the freshest, local fruits, vegetables, eggs, meat, cheese, dairy, and sometimes ice cream!

CSA's provide predictable income to small family farms who can use funds to support their work throughout the year instead of hoping their harvest brings in enough to cover costs of seed, labor, machinery and enough to get them through the winter. By taking part in a CSA, you help faming families grow what their customers want most and ensure there is little waste and costs are kept low.

There are multiple different CSA models. Some farms offer once a year and weekly pickup while others offer reduced rates for volunteering on the farm. There are also often options for half shares, and multiple pickup locations in addition to the farm or farmers markets.

Some farms are now offering multiple seasons CSA's that begin in early spring, summer, late summer into fall, and some even offering the last of the harvest specially planted to suit Thanksgiving needs.

CSAs offer the best produce you can buy, and more variety than you'll ever see in a grocery store, including fun, tasty and delicious heirlooms. They are a win/win option for farmers and households. We're growing our list, so check back if your area isn't yet listed. If we're missing any in a listed area, please be sure to let us know in comments or facebook!

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